Wendy Summers has Daddy Issues
Being the geek goddess you know I am, I tend to have some unusual interests. It’s time for me to confess my crush on one of our Founding Fathers and declare my erotic independence! Who's my daddy? Forget about George Washington, Alexander Hamilton is my man! I don my favorite red, white and blue hat and anticipate a revolutionary experience - I want YOU…to cum! The thought of running my fingers through Alex’s powdered wig sets off fireworks, and I can feel my bottle rocket getting ready to ignite! I can’t help but shoot off a load to this passionate patriot – but unlike Aaron Burr’s fatal shot, mine is much more satisfying!
Down-to-earth and approachable, I like connecting with you one on one and really getting to know you. No matter what your fantasy, I am here to fulfill it. If you’re looking for a girlfriend experience or some down and dirty action, just ask! I’m something of an addiction to my fans. I love working hard so you’ll come back for more and more!

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