Hey guys, it's Wendy Summers. I'm a rising Shemale star in the porn world - a webcam model who is funny, geeky and quite a bit freaky!

I define "the complete package" in more ways than one! I can stimulate your fantasies with my keen... wit and sparkling conversation. Plus I'm really easy on the eyes. ...and there's that matter of what's hiding underneath my skirt...

When it comes to my photo sets and videos, I'm definitely creative. I love to bring a lot of myself in front of the camera and showcase the things that really turn me on. I like to tell a story, I love roleplay and I've got the costumes and toys to make any erotic dream come to vivid life.

I'm just a dirty nerdy girl -- and I love it. LOL.

I've got a lot to give, join me... and take it all!

What are you waiting for? Come enter my lair and get ready for some kinky play!

Down-to-earth and approachable, I like connecting with you one on one and really getting to know you. No matter what your fantasy, I am here to fulfill it. If you're looking for a girlfriend experience or some down and dirty action, just ask! I'm something of an addiction to my fans. I love working hard so you'll come back for more and more!

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    Put Your Eggs in My Basket

    31st March 2015

    Forget chocolate, your favorite MILF shemale has something special to give you for Easter... and it's not your sweet tooth's craving that her gift will satisfy. You'll be able to make like a bunny and burrow your way into her hole with your hard cock... there's no doubt she wants your eggs in her basket. So are you ready to fuck like rabbits with Wendy?

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    Face it, Tiger... You Just Hit the Jackpot

    24th March 2015

    Wendy is cosplaying as the sexy Mary Jane - are you ready to give her your Peter? Her soft curves are waiting to be covered in your sticky web fluid. So swing on in and show this geeky goddess how you'll make her face front and be a true believer... of your cock.

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