Since 2012, I've consistently produced Transsexual porn that reflects my personality. I'm a funny, geeky and freaky MILF who's not afraid to dirty talk her way into your pants!

I define "the complete package" in more ways than one! I love stimulating your fantasies with my keen... wit and sparkling conversation. Plus there's that matter of that thick & juicy piece of meat underneath my skirt...

When it comes to my photo sets and videos, I let my creativity show through. I love to bring a lot of myself in front of the camera and showcase the things that really turn me on. I like to tell a story, I love roleplay and I've got the costumes and toys to make any erotic dream come to vivid life.

I'm just a dirty nerdy girl -- and I love it. LOL.

I've got a lot to give, join me... and take it all!

What are you waiting for? Come enter my lair and get ready for some kinky play!

Down-to-earth and approachable, I like connecting with you one on one and really getting to know you. No matter what your fantasy, I am here to fulfill it. If you're looking for a girlfriend experience or some down and dirty action, just ask! I'm something of an addiction to my fans. I love working hard so you'll come back for more and more! There are more than 300 of my videos on the website and that number keeps growing.

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    Doctor Help Me! I Grew a Cock.

    20th February 2020

    Doctor, you have to help me. I woke up this morning and was suprised to find a cock where my pussy was. At least, I think it's a cock. Should it feel so good when I touch it? I can't help but run my fingers up and down it - look how hard my new dick is getting. Are you like me, and when you see a cock you can't stop thinking about wanting to suck it? Do you want to suck my cock? Your lips sliding up and down my shaft feel so good... I want you to keep sucking until I cum everywhere. I like having a cock! And I think you like me having a cock too, don't you Doctor?

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    If You Love Me, You'll Suck My Cock

    13th February 2020

    Oh my sweet Valentine... you tell me you love me... will you do whatever I ask? I want you to to suck my cock... and in return I've give you a sweet Valentine's treat. But before you suck my cock, I want you to use those lips and tongue on my toes, my feet, my ass & my tits. Will you kiss & lick me from head to toe before you slide your lips up and down on my thick hard shaft. Taste me as I ooze precum. You'll do all that to suck my cock, won't you?

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